Be smart about how much you borrow. Your future loan payments could end up being more than you can afford if you let your total loan amount get too high.

You can see what your monthly payments might be by entering a final loan amount below.

Click Calculate to see your monthly payment.
*Monthly Payment:
*The interest rate used in this calculation was an average of the last 4 years rates. Your actual payment will be based on an average of all of your loans interest rates. You can view interest rates here.

Keep in mind, this is based on a Standard (10 year) Repayment Plan. You can see other repayment options here.

Another reason to borrow smart is you could even run out of federal student loans if you reach the borrowing limit! To avoid this, think about how you can avoid over-borrowing: paying out of pocket, pursuing scholarships, utilizing employer tuition perks or even just saying “no” when offered more loans than you really need.

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