ESTIMATE: Please note that we are not always able to access all loan information, specifically non-federal loans (like state or private loans). Therefore, this may not be a complete and official record. But don’t worry – by requesting your free credit report, you have the ability to view all of your loans.

  • If we have been made aware of any non-federal loans, we may have included them here. This list does not include any credit card debt.
  • Transfer students, please note, we are only able to include non-federal loans currently incurred at your current school.
  • To ensure you have accounted for ALL of your non-federal loans, or to view any credit card debt you may have accumulated, you should request a free credit report at

ESTIMATED REPAYMENT: The interest rate used in this calculation is an average of the federal student loan rates over the last 4 years.

Keep in mind that the actual repayment amount is dependent on specified factors, including the total amount borrowed, the interest rate at the time the funds are borrowed, the amount of interest that accrues over the course of the loan, the length of the repayment term, as well as decisions made relating to income-based repayment plans, deferments and loan forgiveness. Estimates are also projections, general in nature, not guarantees or promises; these figures do not include Parent PLUS loans, and may not include private loans. You can create a more detailed estimate any time by using the Federal Student Aid Loan Simulator at

Federal Loans
Don’t like your estimated repayment? Want more than 10 years to pay back your loans? Well good news – there are several repayment plans for you to choose from!

These additional plans offer benefits like longer repayment, lower monthly payments, payments that are based on your income, and even loan forgiveness! Switching to one of these plans is free, and you can do it at any time; however, it is your responsibility to initiate this process by contacting your servicer.

You can learn more about each of the plans, as well as access repayment calculators, on the Federal Student Aid website (

Non-federal loans
Non-federal loans (like banks or credit unions) usually have their own unique repayment obligations. You should work with each non-federal servicer to understand your specific repayment terms, which:

  • may not include many of the benefits included in federal loan repayment plans,
  • may have substantially higher payments required than federal loans,
  • and may not have the same repayment plans and loan forgiveness options available.